July 3, 2020

9 Minutes Until the Bus Gets Here.

One time I was waiting on the  bus to go to the grocery store. It was me and a Latina girl and a Latino guy standing at the bus stop;. It was clear that the  Latino folks didn't know each other.

I am a white guy. I don't know if that really matters though.

I checked my phone app to see when the bus was going to come.  It said 9 minutes.

A skinny elderly black woman came walking down the street and her hands and arms were moving a lot and she was talking loudly about something.

She came up to the bus stop and stopped to  look at us.

She said "look what we got here. Three people waiting for the bus. Y'all don't know what the fuck you are waiting for.  But y'all gonna wait on it".

Then she laughed. The Latinos with me; it was obvious they couldn't speak English and had no idea what this woman was saying.

I was in no mood for this stuff but I understand mental illness.

She looked at me and laughed. "And we got us a mister blue eyes here too".

I didn't say anything but I didn't look away.

She said to me "You got some pretty blue eyes there white boy but have you ever seen anything with them eyes? ".

I couldn't say anything.  I felt very uncomfortable.  I felt like my mother was telling me something  when I was being a bad child.  Scolding me.

Then she laughed again and said to me "Well, don't fall the fuckery! Don't fall for the fuckery!".

She walked off laughing and waving her arms and saying something  like "Three people waitin... but they don't know what they are waitin for....".

Here is the thing about this story. I don't think woman was insane. I think she had become so sane that she just sounded   insane.

I bet you a million bucks that if you ever met Jesus or Buddha they would seem insane.

I met a woman at the bus stop who had all the wisdom that I could ever need but when she spoke to me.. I had no words.