March 28, 2020

Suicide is Murder

When someone decides to take their own life are they sure it is theirs alone? Is there yet another person within?

Disclaimer: this is pure fiction

Hanging is really easy. Those guys who do auto erotic asphyxiation  do it by accident sometimes.

I  hanged myself in the bedroom closet with a network cable tied to the clothes rod. I was sitting down and if you don't think that is possible, I can send you photos of my "rig". You just kind of lean down and the cable tightens up.

It worked. I hanged myself.  I suddenly found myself outside of my own body observing my hanged , sitting self.  I felt totally detached from everything. The person I was observing was no longer me. He was someone else now. He was the hanged man.

Then his eyes opened wide. He was surprised. I saw surprise. I saw the hanged man's blue eyes full of fear and confusion.

The hanged man tried to get the cable off. He couldn't. It was too tight. He couldn't get the cord to shorten out.  I had perfected my suicide technique and I was disembodied and  observing the results.

He looked at me and seemed to ask "What have you done? What have you done?". He began to frantically claw at the cord around his neck. He seemed keep asking "What have you done? Why did you do this? "

Something woke me from the detachment.  I told him, "There is a knot at the back of your neck. Try to loosen the knot at the back of your neck".

The hanged man starting clawing at the back of his neck trying to loosen the knot.

I saw his eyes light up when he got the knot loose. He took one deep breath and I was suddenly back in my body and looking out of those eyes that only moments ago seemed to belong to someone else.  It was over. I stood up and took off the cord.

I didn't feel like calling the goddamn 911. I mean whats the point?

I went to bathroom sink and splashed water on my face. I always had really striking blue eyes. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't see those eyes anymore. I saw the eyes of a man I tried to murder.