June 9, 2020



I knew a young man. Race is irrelevant.  Or is it?  All I can say is he  started terrorizing me.   He would yell racial epithets at me every time I walked outside. It was like he was just waiting outside for me.  

Late at night he would pound my door.  He had some kind some jam box from back in the day and was playing racially discriminating  music. It was the most hateful music possible and he was just pounding on my door.

I was literally terrorized.  I called the police but they never showed up.

I got  some money and bought a huge hunting knife.  It cost  me about $ 70 dollars.

I didn't order it off of Amazon.  I went to a Knife store and told the guy there was what going on.

The knife store owner  cautiously sold me the knife but warned me that I might be making a mistake.

After I got the knife, this person who was terrorizing me; I counted coup on him twice.  I walked up right up behind him twice.

The third time I did not count coup.  

The name of this person who terrorized me is not worth mentioning.

"Chuck" was the sound I heard when I jammed ( with all my heart )  that hunting knife into the back of his head.

It has been almost  a year now and nobody from the police has ever contacted me.  

When you are a bad person , nobody cares.