April 5, 2020

Days That We Count

Days That We Count -- song lyrics. A guy remembers good times with an old flame

verse 1
you flashed your boobies at the cops you thought they would let us go and every little thing would alright
that got us into more shit but we finally got off warning I think your boobies really saved our ass that night
we went back to your house and your mom was trippin and got mad she could not figure out why we laughed so hard
we went out to the driveway got in the back seat and starting having sex out in my car   your were 21 and your mom just told you were grounded like she doesn't how old you are.  

those were the days , the days that we  count
as the best times and what we were about
those were the days , the days that we count
we  could count on a good time
everytime that we hung out

verse 2
remember when that weird dude tried to hit on you and  so you spilled your drink all over him like you didn't mean it too.
He said that he would kick my ass but I was seeing double  and way too drunk to fight then you  started screaming and yelling  you threatened to kill him with a plastic knife
The cops showed  up and it turned out he was wanted for arrest for stabbing someone in another fight also for groping woman with big boobies who were drunken at the T-Bird River Fest  that night

those were the days , the days that we  count
as the best times on and what we were about
those were the days , the days that we count
I could always count on you
and you didn't count me out

it is really good to see, it really made me smile
I am glad that you are happy, I haven't see you in a while
I guess i should be leaving, I just wanted to say hello
but if i am gonna  go look for trouble and wondered if you wanna go

verse 3
summer days of lazy, crazy fucked up adventures in the sun
for having crazy fucking good times  we were second to no one
it is sad that we got older  but we are not dead yet
we should  go out and see what  kind of trouble into we can  get

bonus verse

we thought it would funny to hook up your weird friend jamie with the guy who works at the bowling alley and always acts so crazy
it was mean but we were laughing and we were gonna make sure nothing happened and jamie was home by midnight and all would be ok
then like two days later we find out they went to vegas and got married and moved in with the guys father and living in his basement
we ran into them a year later. they were  happy and elated thanked us for them meeting told us  jamie was pregnant we just started laughing because they never know that this all that happened was meant to be a joke.

Ending 3x
those were the days
times that would count
those were the days
days that we count