April 4, 2020

Expect the expected. Don't Be Too Surprised When a Prediction Becomes Reality.

If something is expected and predicted then don't be too surprised if it actually happens.

A climate change denier might do well to take notice of this thing that is happening that wasn't  supposed  to happen much  like climate change isn't supposed to happen or at least their mind.

This pandemic was expected and predicted.  Much like the detrimental effects  of climate change are expected and predicted.

Some people don't believe in climate change because their idea of it is unbelievable. They think they are being told they will wake up one day and Florida  will be underwater.

I wouldn't believe that either.

The bad things that happen from climate change will be a really slow burn. If you are not paying attention , you won't even know it is happening. If parts of Florida do end up underwater, it will happen so gradually that the people living in that time will remember it as always being like that.

It is a blessing that scientists can see the big picture but people are really short sided as a whole and individually . Our basest of motivations don't need the future.  They need the present. Eating an reproducing  are the core motivations of human existence.  Civilization is just side effect of being a successful species. Humans may just let climate change happen.  We can't  seem to execute a long term for the benefit all of mankind.

I have  some bad news too. Statistically, we are way over due for large asteroid impact.  It is expected and predicted. Don't be too surprised.  It will all go down   much like this virus or at least I would think.  First you will be  told it is a hoax. Then it might be that you can actually see the asteroid with a telescope or even the naked eye.  The whole world will start trippin'  balls and cry out "Why didn't anyone tell us this could happen? Why didn't anyone do anything? What about Obama?!!".

Scientists will just shake their head and sadly and say "It was expected and predicted".  Then the "The Lonely Man" theme from 'The Incredible Hulk' 70s tv show  ( with Bill Bixby ) will start playing  and they will slowly  walk away.

I don't think we will ever learn.  I guess I will never know. It is nice to think that in some far flung future that civilization , collectively, sits down and thinks to itself , "We have learned the lessons of the past . We can expect and  predict some things in future. We will do what we can to properly  prepare for the expected for we have learned our lessons".  Even though I  won't be around , I truly hope that day arrives for our  very worthy descendants.