June 5, 2020

Hallucination Possum

This happened to me about 3 years ago.  I suffer from insomnia.  Even as a child I had a hard a time sleeping.

Nowadays I take trazadone. It helps.  I can't take Ambien or drugs of that ilk. If I do  I sleep walk like crazy.

I have actually woken up when I was sleep walking.  I was very confused.   So was my brother when I walked into his bedroom.  LOL. He had seen sleep walk before so he knew the deal.

Ambien and drugs like that are strange.   Google it.

One night, i just couldn't sleep. I took 3 trazadones Still couldn't sleep. I took 2 hydroxazines. Hydroxazine is like the baby aspirin of mental health.

Middle of the night; I decided to take a walk.

I got down the street and I came up on this bus stop.  There is something in the darkness. I took out my phone and turned on the light.

AND THE POSSUM CAME AT ME!.  It was like a cross between a cat and a possum.  It was "trotting"  up to me.  I yelled.  Wild animals are wild.  I thought it must be sick.  

I was like "whoa! whoa!".   I was backing up.  I thought I was about to get attacked by a wild animal.

Then it vanished.  Right as it got up to me it just disappeared.

I am glad of that because well, who wants to get attacked by  a possum?

Do you want to get attacked by a possum?  Yes or no?

The correct answer is "no" for those who are possum impaired.

Bottom line is this: I expected to see an animal when I turned on my light and  I did.

You know what was actually there?  A bag of trash.