March 29, 2020

I Wrote Some Kind of Rhyming Thing About Talking Trees

What the hell is this? I guess I wrote it. I really wouldn't mind not taking credit.

They say only the trees witnessed it all
But trees don't talk, they don't talk at all
but if they talked it would be weird if they did
they would probably talk too much and scare all the kids
and would you wanna be the guy to climb a talking tree?
They probably talk tree shit and be really mean
They will you call you monkey and talk some crap
Tell you to go away and not to come back
as you turn to leave they will start to laugh

You know shit is getting real
when the trees start to laugh
What are you gonna do ?
You can't just kick their ass
this is the time to really lose my shit
Im gonna buy chainsaw and come back with it
my plan is to cut them down, each and everyone
but just as i am starting, i was really stunned
I knew that they could talk but it never occurred to me
that if try to cut them down, they will start to scream.

I will ask you if you have ever heard a tree scream before
You will say you knew they talked but ask what are they screaming for
the scream that they make is a very horrid sound
you can hear it for miles and everywhere around
we have to leave them alone if we want them to shut up
as for the talking and laughing , we'll have to suck it up

the birds will no longer nest, because the trees are jerks
if they talk shit to you , then they'll do it to birds
If the birds start talking , i will kill myself
all this shit that is talking shit is bad for mental health

Humankind will always long for the days
when the trees didn't talk or had nothing to say
The birds will chirp instead of yelling for sex
there will be peace in the forest, and then we can rest.