August 7, 2020

Mary Ann And The Time Machine

I was in love with a woman named Mary Ann. I was too shy to do anything about it. She passed away rather suddenly in the year 1996 and I was devastated. I didn't get to tell her how much I cared about her.

I became a physicist. When I was 56 years old I perfected a time machine and it's soul purpose was to take me back in time so I could tell her that I cared so much about her.

When i found her I was completely disheveled. Time travel is actually a pretty rough experience.

I said to her "Mary Ann. Mary Ann. It is me. It is me".

She looked at me and said "Sir I don't know you but if you are having some kind medical issue we can call an ambulance and I will wait with you".

I said "no. it is me... Harry".

She paused for a second. "I know a guy named Harry and you do kind of look like him but that can't be because he is young and you are old".

I said "Mary Ann I built a Time Machine so i could come back and see you".

She looked alarmed and said "I don't know you sir and you are starting scare me".

I realized right then and there that I had failed in my task. I knew I was coming off like a crazy person.

I said something like "it was nice to see you Mary Ann".

I walked back to my Time Machine and started crying. When the moment is lost there is nothing you can do about it. I realized that sometimes you can't fix things even with a Time Machine.

I set the timer on my Time Machine for 2 million years in the future. I walked outside the world looked like a wasteland. The air was bad and there are these strange looking duck creatures with huge teeth and I think they want to eat me and I am going to let them.

My name is harry and I was in love once and I invented a time machine but it didn't do me any good and now I am dead.