April 5, 2020

My Dad's Candy Barr Story

Candy Barr was a famous stripper, adult model and known for crazy things. My father told me about the time he met her.

Remember Candy Barr? She lived in  Brownwood, Texas for a while.  That is my home town. She was really famous back in the day. She was a stripper, burlesque dancer, actress and adult model. I looked on wikipedia and she is  considered by some to be 'the first porn star'. She lived from 1935 to 2005 it says.  Looks like she lived a very interesting life.

My father is no longer with us. He has been gone 20 years or so.  I miss him sometimes.  

I remember my dad telling me about when he met Candy Barr. Candy Barr would have been about 40 years old at this time.  The late 70s.  He was tasked to build a picket fence for her. He told me that when he finished she came outside to look at the fence. She got a running start and jumped right over the fence. Then she yelled "Ain't this the rustic living!"

My father was not known for his story telling. He could have embellished a little on that one i think.

The only reason I remember that story is because it was so disappointing . He set it up by telling me all about how she used to be a famous stripper  and about the burlesque.  He was making it out she was just so wild, crazy and sex obsessed. Then he told me that story. I was like "wut?".   I thought he was going to tell me something dirty or at least something somewhat interesting.