October 1, 2020

My Fish Story

One time when my older brother was alive me and his family went fishing at the state park at lake Brownwood.  I caught this huge ass fish. I had  a hard time getting it in. It was big enough that you definitely noticed.

So we pull it up on the dock and it just lays there.

I was like "Did I catch a dead fish? Is that even possible?".   It flopped around briefly. It seemed like it was really sick or on death's door.

Then we all agreed to throw it back. That fish was too pathetic to eat. IT WAS A huge fish. REally huge. Super big fish.  It was about 10 feet long.  Or maybe 12. Wait no. it was about 8 inches long. hmm strange that would lie. it was good sized fish. Biggest one that I ever caught.