July 28, 2020

One Flew Over Austin Lakes Hospital

psyche wards are not what you think they are.

One Flew Over Austin Lakes Hospital

Anyway... Sometimes I need to get away from things. Seems like every 2 years my brain and soul starts crunching up and splattering.  I usually go to Waco. There is a VA psychiatric thing there.  There were no beds in Waco on this occasion.  I ended up at Austin Lakes Hospital.

First and foremost I have to say the food was superior to VA stuff.  And they let you have a plastic knife and fork.  The VA only gives you a spoon.

There is a lot I could write about but I am going to focus on a young lady that I met.  It is a sad story.

I can't remember her name but let us just say it was Stacy. That will become important later.

So I am in this psyche ward.  I meet Stacy first. She had arrived about the same I did.  She was bi-sexual and she was going to make sure everyone knew it. She told anyone who would listen that she was married to a woman and they had a young child.  I didn't ask questions. I didn't really want to know.

The odd thing is, is that her partner was dumping her and she didn't seem to realize it.

I kept walking around I started observing things and overhearing things. I heard Stacy  talking on the phone to her partner.  From what I gathered her partner didn't want her coming back home because she might be infected with covid from being in the psyche ward. Stacy's partner wanted her to get a motel room for 2 weeks.   That makes a little bit of sense.

But it is also a good way to dump somebody.  Maybe Stacy couldn't see it but I did.

I was walking around and I saw this case worker open the door to Stacy's room and ask to see Tracy.  Stacy jumped up and out.  She thought the case worker had said Stacy instead of Tracy.  I feel like I should have said something.

I keep walking around and I see this case worker telling Stacy what is up.  All this time this case worker is telling her what Tracy's deal was.  I really should have said something

Then I see and overhear Stacy talking on the phone to her partner and telling her the wrong deal. Then when Stacy found out that the case worker was wrong and had confused her with Tracy it made Stacy look crazy in the eyes of her partner. And as I said... it was very obvious to me that her partner was trying to get rid of her.  Stacy started freaking out and yelling "somebody call my partner and tell her what is going on !".

I think Stacy figured it out in the end. She was getting dumped. She started yelling like "I AM STABLE! Discharge me from this germ fest! ".  

It was so funny. You had to be there.

And Stacy was just a little disgusting bitch.  She was overweight and not attractive at all. But she thought she was attractive. She thought she was better than everyone else.  She told me she had been there before many years ago.  In a psyche ward everyone is equal.  

I know it sounds crazy that I am so nonchalant about being in a psyche ward but it isn't that big of a deal.  My friends, my family ... they can't help me.  When I need help I turn to mental health services.  And it works for me.

I have met some very interesting people in psyche wards.  Psyche wards are not what you think they are.  People have problems and they are there to get help.  If you are dangerous, you will go to jail until you get  right enough in the head to try again.

This trip was really interesting. I met a guy suffering from dementia.  He was really cool but yeah, he was suffering from dementia. I also met a fellow soldier who served at Ft Riley KS and I had served there too so we had much to talk about.

Anyway I got discharged and left Stacy there to deal with her shit as she flew over Austin Lakes Hospital.

There is a lot more to this experience but I present this one facet.