March 30, 2020

DARPA Shadow People Research Facility Central Texas - Slow Heart Attractor Technique ( Shadow Bumpers -- fictional series )

Former tech tells his story in case something happens to him.

It is kind of long story on how I got the job. Suffice to say I had just gotten out the Army and had a valid top secret clearance and I kind of got scooped up. I ended up at facility outside a small town in central Texas. I was accustomed to working at very sensitive installations. They had a team of smart guys. You know, the scientists. We weren't allowed to interact with them. I never really knew what all was going on. That is how is meant to be. That is how secrets are kept .

I was briefed on it but I didn't believe it until I actually saw them. It was very unnerving but the briefings were correct. They didn't appear to pose any threat. Still. What are they? I am talking about the shadow people. The smart guys had to know something but they weren't allowed to talk of course. Everything was need to know.

I worked with one other tech and it was our job to set up the Slow Heart. Shadow people are drawn to humans with low heart rates. I have no idea why. That is all I was told. You get someone down about 40 bpm and keep them there and eventually the shadow people will start showing up. They come right out of the fucking walls. It was crazy. Then they just were there. They had special guys who set up the lighting. If the light is wrong you wouldn't be able to see them.

We used Delilah as the Slow Heart. She was long distance runner. She was an athlete. Maybe 26 years old. She had military experience of some sort but she wasn't allowed to talk about much. She was in such good physical shape that her resting heart rate was low anyway. With the BB juice, that is the beta-blocker drug we used, it was easy to take her down to 40 bpm and keep her there. You couldn't do that to just anyone. Delilah was not your average woman.

A normal shadow session would go like this. The lighting guys check the observation room first and make adjustments if need be. Then the smart guys would come in with their boxes. They set up everything with the doors closed and put sheets over the equipment so we had no idea what they are up to. The smart guys took a break. Me and the other tech would go in with Delilah and get her wired up on the table so we could monitor her vitals.

We had a special rapport with Delilah. We took her down to 40 bpm and always brought her back up. She trusted us.

We set up the IV with the BB juice for her. The smart guys came back in. We turned on the IV and watched Delilah go down to 40. Me or the other tech make sure the monitoring equipment outside the observation room was good to go. Once the shadow people started coming in they made us leave and we monitored Delilah outside.

The way we did it,I never got really HARD look at any shadow people. I didn't really want to but I always made myself look. I never turned away. There was never any incident whatsoever until that night went shit went crazy. There was barely any security. It never seemed like we needed it. The place was secret. It was in this old WW2 base. The new stuff was disguised as old stuff. Big fence all the way round with concertina wire in places. There might have been platoons of security there for all I know. They wouldn't have told us.

It was a normal session at first. Me and the other tech were monitoring Delilah outside the observation room. The smart guys were in there with Delilah and the shadow people were arriving . No big deal. The the lights started flickering. Our equipment was on UPS but it didn't seem to be helping. The computerized stuff went down and started rebooting. We couldn't tell what Delilah's vitals were . I did not like that at all. It was our responsibility to take care of Delilah and that responsibility was non negotiable so me and the other tech headed for the observation room doors.

We got in there and there were shadow people everywhere. I had never seen that many. The smart guys were all on the floor. There were about seven smart guys in total I think. Delilah was on the table convulsing like she was having seizure. I ran to her and tried to help. I wasn't trained for anything like this to happen. We weren't medics. I tried to hold Delilah down. Then the other tech says like "Dude! I think these guys are all dead!". He was checking all the smart guys.

The lights went out and the emergency lights kicked in. You could still see a lot of shadow people on the walls. I noticed this red light blinking on a piece of equipment next to table. I don't what the equipment was for. I looked closer it was an LED display and it said going to do an emergency shut down in you know, 3 2 1. Then I guess it shut off.

Delilah relaxed. It seemed like the seizure was over. The shadow people were moving around a little. The other tech went to get help from what security we knew of. I watched and the shadow people and they just kind of faded away.

The security guys showed up with medics and then these big dudes came and told me and the other tech to "Come with us".

They debriefed us. I went home and I packed up as I was told to and headed to Washington State for another assignment that had nothing to do with shadow people.

I never found out what happened to Delilah. I never saw anybody from that gig ever again. I have no idea what happened. That is the way ti is supposed to be.

I am telling you this because .. I still see shadow people sometimes. I think they are watching me. If something happens to me, I wanted someone else to know.