March 28, 2020

The Chicken-Egg Barrier

Tell me this: Which came first? The Chicken or the egg? You shouldn't be asking that. You should be asking why there has to be something first

There is something I call The Chicken-Egg Barrier.
It is the limit of human comprehension.

For example:
What was before The Big Bang?
There was nothing before The Big Bang.
Well if there was nothing before The Big Bang, wasn't the nothing kind of something then.

That is the barrier. I call it chicken-egg because "which came first ? chicken or egg?"

The barrier exists because we can't comprehend non causality. Why would we?

We are very smart animals but designed to run around, eat and have sex. Cosmic transcendence was not in the package.Comprehension of causality is all you need to get laid and that is all we got.

Let me try to say it another way . Something cannot come  from nothing. That is causality talking. Apparently though something did come from nothing. You can only understand that as as sentence. It doesn't really make sense if when you think about it. That is the barrier.

I don't know anything about theoretical physics and actual cosmology. Still, I believe that scientists use mathematics to aid in their understanding but they can't really comprehend non causality. The mathematics breaks it into pieces.  They comprehend the pieces but not the whole.

I have read articles saying that linear time is an illusion and everything is happening all at once but you can only understand that as words. Nobody is going to go "oh yeah. you never noticed everything is happening all at once". Reminds me of Dr Manhattan from Watchmen.

The important thing about the Chicken-Egg Barrier is just to realize that there are things will never quite understand and there is nothing wrong with that. No sense attributing it to a sky wizard.

This brings me to another barrier. This other barrier is what I call the Fishbowl Barrier. That will be in another post .