April 7, 2020

The Children of Echo

Those who become lost are sometimes adopted by that which mislead them.

The Children of  Echo

As humans we want to part of something bigger than ourselves.

It gives us direction. It calls to us.

We try to answer that call as best we can.

We don't always know what calls to us. We don't always know how to answer. We don't always know where it calls us from.

It is trying to call us home. Like a mother calling out to her children playing outside right before it starts to rain. She wants to keep them safe and dry.

Everybody wants to go home. Everyone wants that love and the sense of belonging that is found there. They  want to be part of something bigger than themselves like a family, whether of blood or otherwise, or a community whether it be of circumstance or of soul.

Some people find that home. Some people make their own home. Some travel around the world to find it. Some will find that they were exactly where they always needed to be. For them, the call has been answered.

Others,  who are less fortunate, lose their bearings.  They  can't tell which direction  ANY sound is coming from. The call that they hear  echos and bounces off of unseen canyon walls.

When the rain does start falling , it will drown out the sound of their  mother's voice. Then they will be truly lost. Lost children crying in the rain.

Perhaps Echo herself will awaken when she hears their cries.  After all,  they did follow an echo as if it was a mother's voice.  Echo will then take them unto herself as if they were her own.

They will become the children of Echo.