April 2, 2020

The Fishbowl Barrier

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl -- Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here"

This isn't really like The Chicken-Egg Barrier. The Chicken-Egg Barrier concerns  the limits of human comprehension. The Fishbowl Barrier concerns our inability to NOT be human  and NOT be part of our own human experience.

Simply put: we are in the fishbowl and we will never be able to be outside the Fishbowl and observe  it.  We can only observe The Fishbowl from the perspective of being inside it. We would have to be gods to see the Fishbowl from the outside. And  we ain't  gods. We can never be outside of our own human experience.

For example , the belief in Eternal Recurrence.  Using  the simplest of explanations it means that you live the same life  over and over again.  Whether you believe it or not , it is an easy concept to understand.  I don't want to go any further in regards to that subject. Some other time maybe.

If you believe it  then good for you. Nevertheless it is useless information.  True or not, you are never going  to find yourself  going  like " Ok. i remember in my last life when this happened".  The only way you could ever  find out if was true or false  is to be in a situation where you were   able to observe one life ending and the other one beginning.  You would have to be able to be outside of your own human  experience. Memory is purely biological and it doesn't transcend from one life to the next. If you are thinking  something about reincarnation , well, i am not that kind of blog.

The most important thing to remember about The Fishbowl Barrier is that as humans we are just never going to know  "the secret of the universe".  We are inside that secret.  Wow. I just realized 42 is a pretty good answer. You can't understand the answer if you are part of the question.  No?  I think I just Chicken-Egged myself.

There isn't much more to say. This shouldn't be hard to grasp.  The  Chicken-Egg Barrier,  by it's very nature,  is  slippery.  You think you are getting somewhere but you end back you started.  If you recognize that then you see the barrier.

We will always  be inside of our human experience. To be otherwise is impossible. I like to think of death as hitting the wall of the fishbowl.  You aren't going  anywhere. You are either here or you are not.  

As for the afterlife? It doesn't do us any good talking about it in this context. I will never try to shake someone of their faith. I am just being pragmatic.

Some might say "Hey Harry, I didn't need you to point this out to me. Duh!".  I completely understand that. I feel the need to define and write down my ideas or they kind of float off until the next time something makes think of them. If I define my ideas they become a tool to understand other things.